What does it take to be a donor

What does it take to donate blood?


First of all you need to remember you are donating to save a life.

Good will and good health are basics, in truth for donating blood all we need is a big heart, the will to save lives. Any doctor knows that the only prescription to give someone a blood transfusion is that the life of a person hangs on the balance and that pint of blood is what will save his life. So any donation is directly responsible for saving a life, and what’s more, your blood donation actually gets divided into 3 basic components! That means you can save up to three lives with one single donation.

Some people can’t be blood donors, for health related reasons, cause they are not old enough or cause they don’t fill one or more criteria from the requirements or interview, then don’t panic, you can still be a great part and a big help, you can be part of it all, by helping people that are donating, help out pass some cookies or drinks, help those in costume cause most can’t see much, help is always needed and welcomed.