Q: Why is giving blood so important?
A: About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital need blood, and there is no substitute for human blood. It does not grow on trees. It can only come from donors.

Q: How can I find out if I’m eligible to give blood?
A: Visit your local blood center, where you’ll be invited to fill out a questionnaire, and take a quick physical and blood test. They will let you know whether you’re eligible.

Q: I have a medical condition that requires medication. Can I give blood?
A: Ask your blood center and also your doctor. Many people on medication can give blood!

Q: I can’t donate blood but I would like to help. How can I help?
A: Thanks for wanting to help! You can organize a blood drive or make cookies for blood donors. Most blood donors love cookies!

Q: Is the World Blood Drive a fun event for families with young children?
A: Yes! Children of all ages love to meet their favorite Star Wars characters. Bring your cameras!

Q: Various World Blood Drive promotions describe blood donors as “heroes.” Why are blood donors heroes?

A: Because blood donors are heroes! They give blood so others may live, and every donation can help save up to three lives.

Q: Is the World Blood Drive only for Star Wars fans and costumers?
A: No. The World Blood Drive encourages everyone—even people who don’t like Star Wars or costumes—to give blood if they can.

Q: Are Star Wars costumers required to give blood for the World Blood Drive?
A: No. Costumers can get easily overheated and dehydrated, especially if they are wearing full-body armor and head-concealing helmets or masks. Although costumers may volunteer to give blood either during a World Blood Drive event or on another occasion, their main goal is to help attract donors to blood drives and blood-donation centers.

Q: I represent a blood center. Is it all right if I invite a Star Wars costumer club to attend an upcoming blood drive?
A: Yes! We hope many blood centers will reach out to the costumer clubs to help attract more donors to blood drives.

Q: There aren’t any Star Wars costumer clubs in my area. Can I still participate in the World Blood Drive?
A: Yes. Dave De Burgh lives in Pretoria, South Africa, and he didn’t let the lack of a costumers club ruin his fun. He encouraged his friends to join him at a blood drive, and that put them on the map for the World Blood Drive. Here’s a photo of Mr. De Burgh at the event!

Q: Is the World Blood Drive affiliated with Lucasfilm, Disney, or the World Health Organization?
A: No. The World Blood Drive is a not-for-profit event, organized by volunteers, and is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with Lucasfilm Ltd, Disney, or the World Health Organization. Star Wars, its characters, costumes, and all associated items are the intellectual property of Lucasfilm. ©2015 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™ All rights reserved.

Q: Who shot first?
A: That question presumes a certain Rodian ever fired anything other than a revisionist shot, but because the question has nothing to do with the World Blood Drive, we’ll pass. Nice try.

Q: Can any blood centers detect my level of midichlorians?
A: Not in this galaxy, but because your donation will help save lives, you are a hero!

Q: I’m afraid of needles. Can a Star Wars costumer hold my hand while I give blood during the World Blood Drive?
A: If a costumers is in your area, that can probably be arranged.

Q: Why is the World Blood Drive held on the second Saturday in June?
A: Star Wars author Ryder Windham took inspiration for the World Blood Drive from the World Health Organization’s annual World Blood Donor Day, which is held every year on June 14. After conferring with members of Star Wars costumers clubs, Mr. Windham concluded that more costumer club members were available for events on Saturdays than any other day of the week. Also, in many countries, the second Saturday of June is shortly before summer vacation for students, so it is a good day for many students and their families to attend a blood drive together.

Q: I’m not eligible to give blood on the second Saturday of June. Can I still participate in the World Blood Drive?

A: Yes. All we ask is that you give blood if and when you can, and encourage others to do the same. Thank you!

Q: What do I need to donate blood?
A: Be in good health, most requirements vary from country to country, visit your local Blood Bank and ask them for a list of minimal requirements. Just remember you have to be at a present good health and not have had any cold/flew symptoms in the last 15 days. You need to have a good vein on your arm, if it’s too small or too hard to reach you won’t be able to donate.

Q: Can we get blood elsewhere?
A: Unfortunately the hyperspace lanes to Thyferra are not as of yet plotted and we still move at mynock speed in space so there isn’t any chance we can get any bacta, and blood can’t be produced artificially so the only real place where you can get it is on other humans that voluntarily donate it.