What to expect when donating and what it takes to donate?


So you’re a noob and are ready to donate some blood? Astral!

It’s normal to be afraid, fear might be the path to the dark side, but it’s also human nature, if this is your first time donating blood you can feel a little fear, but stay strong and stay on target! We are all afraid of the needles they are kriffing needles! If the fear of needles is keeping you from donating blood that’s just bumblefluff! Trust us the person who’s life depends on that pint of blood is going through a much rougher fight than just one needle and we don’t have access to bacta as of yet.

So you’ve conquered your fear! Now it’s time to know what you’re up against. The first thing you need to know is that you are in good health, you will fill out a form with your data and will be interrogated (simple interview with Q&A’s) and if you’re ok then you will proceed to a special area where you will be laid down an a needle will be inserted. Have you ever been bitten by an ant or stung by a Bee well hutt slime that’s a pain in the choobies , while this, this is small potatoes, as easy as shooting womp rats on your T-16.

After the procedure is finished you are given something to eat and drink, it’s very important you take it and drink lots of fluids through out the day.

No one said becoming a hero was easy but you will be one, and will also feel accomplished and happy, it’s a special feeling knowing you are going to save someones life, you will never meet him/her nor he/she you but you will share a bond with them, as strong as the Force.